Tot comença… amb el temps i la passió

English- Xavier Casas Sifres, Barcelona photographer and travel fan, shows the photography of proximity to enter in the different cultures and scenery of the same world. We present three collections: “Southeast Asia, traces of Paradise”, “Winter Travel” and “Artistic & Philosofical”. On this page you can find differents samples.

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Africa Vertical Photography Vol.I (ebook)

If you like Africa and you like Photography, this is your ebook!

Print book version coming soon…

This ebook is an introduction to the vertical reading photography. Through the savannah, mountains and beach of Kenya and Tanzania and its wild animals, we will enter in to a landscape of pure light that reaches the entire abstract level, flat but emotive, like a dream.

Find the ghost…

FullSizeRenderI am preparing a book about ghosts living within Google maps.
Send me your photos if you want to participate…


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Nuevo Libro – PERU

peruFotografia de paisaje, costumbres y emociones humanas.

Homenaje a la mujer Peruana.


el SUBLIM al Salar d’UYUNI